Christian Education

St. Luke's Westcliffe

Adult Education 2011

Throughout the spring, adults meet in the Parish Hall to study the world's major religions. DVDs from the Teaching Company about the history and nature of the various religions were shown to set the stage for discussion. The coordinator of the adult education program is our Vicar.

The current topic under discussion, through early May,
on Sunday at 9:00 am
: Understanding Judaism


Let's Go Green

Thank you for bringing in supplies for the kitchen and for coffee hour. I am requesting that we use no more Styrofoam. Once it has food in it, it cannot be recycled. Paper cups are available for hot liquids or we can use our lovely blue mugs. In addition, save your vicar the trouble of getting plastic, aluminum (as in soda cans) glass and cardboard out of the garbage. We will try to have a container for recyclables shortly. Until then, leave them on the counter, preferably rinsed out and we will be sure that they get to the recycling bins.

There is now a bin behind the Sheriff's Office for all sorts of paper as well as bins, of course, for bottles, cans, newspapers and magazines.

You now have a choice when you use the ATM to either have a receipt printed or not when you use the ATM. According to a feature on Good Morning America, nine millions trees are used for the number of receipts that are printed per year. The amount of paper used is enough to encircle the globe 15 times. So when a machine asks if you want a receipt, say 'No thanks' unless you really need it.



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