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Since August, 2012, Supply Priests have been conducting Sunday Eucharistic services.

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Stewardship campaign fall 2011

The following is taken from a statement that has been on the bulletin board in the Parsish Hall:

"Moral precepts are not subject to change through a negotiated concensus of human deliberation. We believe STEWARDSHIP is a moral conditional contract God has placed upon man" Stewardship is not a questionable item. Not a negotiable subject. We are to give of our selves physically and o f the product of our ability in labor or monies. We give of ourselves by being present in worship as examples to others in our world. We call it the ministry of presence. We give of ourselves by minding out prayer life in consideration of others..

We are stewards of all God has allowed us to have, to be and to experience. All the above is incorporated in our congregational attitude as we believe it is fundamental to our baptismal covenant.

Faith Based Budget

We are doing stewardship a little differently this year. This is a method that other churches of varying sizes have used including Vicar B's home church in Grand Junction CO. Alan McPeak also learned about this kind of stewardship at the recent Convention.

Pledges will be collected as in past years but no one will know what the pledges are including the Bishop's Committee and the treasurer. Pledges will be collected on October 30 and November 6 in a box and then burned on the 6th. A celebration pot luck will follow. Only you and God will know what you have pledged. You will be making a spiritual commitment to your church and it will be up to you to keep it. You will still get statements letting you know what you have contributed for God's work and your church.

We will formulate a budget based on what our needs are and pray that we do make ends meet or at least do no worse than we have been doing since we have been taking money out on a steady basis the last few years. Please pray for the church. A church that I have visited (many, many times the size of our church) has a prayer vigil for one day. The members sign up to pray in shifts. This is a very wealthy, large church and I am not aware that they have a need for funds but they realize the need for prayer as we should. I ask that you all pray for St Luke's, its future and its present; its vitality and spiritual growth.


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